Created by following a tutorial ·. Note that the second image is the original one. The first one is a higher quality re-render from 2019, in which the background was redone together with some other small improvements on the lighting.

3D rendering. There are four fluffy furry spheres. The closest one is the more prominent, covering up the left half of the image. Its fur strands are blue and purple tones, fading out towards white at the end. The bottom left side is illuminated in red, the top right is more white. Far in the background to the bottom right, there is another very large fur ball. It is cyan and one can see the individual strands of which it is composed, making it look a bit like sea weed. The other two spheres are between the first two and a lot smaller. The closer one of the two is also slightly lit in red. Same image as the first one, but in lower resolution and grainier. The lighting is also quite a bit darker, same as for the background.