This is the fourth image of a Minecraft world exported to Blender. It showcases the possibility of using creative materials on the model, in this case an X-ray inspired effect realized through volumetric effects. The third image shows a direct comparison: Minecraft screenshot – X-ray – Fancy render

3D rendering, although it is indistinguishable from an ingame screenshot of Minecraft with shaders. It shows a rock floaing in the sky, with a small wooden house built on top of it. It has a garden with some flowers and a decorated fence. The same model as in the first image, but with a shader giving it a distinct style. All blocks are blueish translucent, with a thick white outline on their edges. You can see inside the model. Photocollage of the two above images and a Minecraft screenshot of the same object. They are superimposed in such a way that the transition between them is seamless.