I do not want this to be one of these homepages which is a fancy static site generator setup only to contain a single blog post –or maybe two– before they got abandoned.

Expectation management is key here, so I won't call it a "blog". Content dump describes much it better, so you know what you are getting into.

Against leading commas

Leading commas are a bad idea and here's why
2024-03-06 · 9 min

Things you should read

I have read these, and maybe you should too

Nix ohne NixOS [DE]

In 2021 hat das ChaosInKl online eine "OpenTopicNight" zum Thema Nix veranstaltet. Dieser Vortrag über Nix auf nicht-NixOS-Systemen, mit Fokus auf nix-shell und Entwicklungsumgebungen, ist dafür entstanden.