This is a collection of texts and books that I've read which I strongly resonate with or which have had an impact on my life. Some I just recommend reading, others I think everybody should have read, and a few are a must if you want to ever discuss certain topics with me.

  • undoing the pain – a guide to being free (PDF)

    A wholesome text about healing, for people who are deeply broken. This is not your usual self-therapy guide. It merely shows you the map, and you will have to navigate the territory yourself. I try to come back to it and read it again multiple times a year, to see where I am, where I want to go, and how far I've come.

  • Meaningness

    A web book on the meaning of life, religion, spirituality and so much more.

  • The Asshole Filter

    "If everyone around you is an asshole, maybe you are the asshole". This text shows up an alternative explanation than this adage, which also proves to be a very useful framework for interpersonal interactions.

  • Letting Them Let Go

    Grieving is an important part of life which most of us never really learn. Not processing these emotions holds people back and prevents them from moving on. Most importantly, this text shows how grieving happens so much more often than just when a loved one dies, and that acknowledging the grief in those situations as well is immensely important.

  • I'm a Trans Man. I Didn't Realize How Broken Men Are

    Many trans people have the unique perspective of witnessing our patriarchal and sexist society from "both sides". And many people are not aware how deeply our patriarchy harms men as much as women, albeit in very different ways. (Also this is why I despise "men-vs-women" feminists)

  • Tone-Policing and the Assertion of Authority

    Especially because I am in a position of social power in several places, I take the issue of tone policing very seriously. This text is my go-to on the subject.

  • What Liberal Arts Education Is For

    Even when I was still in school, the "what will I need this for later on in my life??" discourse somehow made me cringe a bit. This text puts all my feelings on this topic and related aspects into words better than I ever could.